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Dragonfly Hybrid takes pride in our efforts to create a safe, successful, and positive learning environment for our students. From enrollment and safety policies to dress code and behavior policies, Dragonfly students are given the best base to start on their journey to a successful school year!

Protecting Our Children:

Dragonfly Hybrid is dedicated to providing a safe and effective learning environment for our students. Each of our staff members have undergone LiveScan Fingerprint Background Checks. Teachers and staff are provided with emergency procedures and first-aid kits are available, on site, at all times. 

Our policy requires teachers to ask students to wait outside classroom doors until at least 2 students are present before entering. At no time is an adult to be alone with a student unless s/he is the parent of that child.


We ask that all paid staff, teachers, students, and parents honor our dress code policy of modest, respectful clothing without offensive images or verbiage. Great care should be taken to wear clothing that appropriately covers private areas such as buttocks, breasts, bellies, and backs. No shorts that are higher than 3” above the knees. No spandex, leggings, "spandex-like" pants without a long shirt to cover the crotch/buttocks area. No thin strap tank tops, strapless/halter tops or low-cut, revealing shirts. All skirts must be no shorter than knee length.


We believe every person should be respected. No bullying will be tolerated of any kind. If a student is not responding to their teacher’s request for improved behavior and/or effort, then the Directors will be contacted. If undesirable behavior persists, then the student will be removed from the class and a parent will be called and/or located to discuss the situation. Our teachers are only paid for the time they teach our classes; therefore it is not fair to them or the other students to have class disrupted due to behavior issues. Our goal is to see success among our students. 


Improvement of behavior is usually based on the motivation of the student and the assistance and support of the parents. If behavior does not improve, students/families may be prohibited from attending onsite.


Dragonfly Hybrid welcomes all families who are willing to participate and cooperate in our program. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin or gender. Dragonfly Hybrid reserves the right to limit, suspend, or refuse admittance to Dragonfly Hybrid classes/programs for any reason other than those listed. 



Please keep children home if they have had a fever, diarrhea or vomiting within the last 24 hours. Students must be fever free WITHOUT medication for 24 hours before returning to classes. Or if they have a productive cough/cold, head lice, rash, or green discharge from eyes/nose they should be kept home as well. If your student/family has come into contact with anyone that has tested positive for COVID w/in the last 14 days, please keep the student home until it is determined that the student/family is free from illness. If your student arrives at Dragonfly Hybrid and appears too ill to be in class, they will be asked to wait in the office and their parent/guardian will be called or located to come pick them up from the site. 


If you find that your student is too ill to attend, please contact us via email/phone.



Students are not permitted to use cell phones while on school campus. Students are not to use electronic devices in class unless directly instructed by the Teacher. Absolutely NO streaming of videos is permitted on these devices within our facility unless under the direction of a teacher. No Texting, Recording, or Live Posts while on campus

Students that are found to be in violation of this Policy will have their device removed and held in the office for parent pick-up at the end of the day.

If repeated offenses occur, parents will be asked to remove their student from school with possible suspension and/or expulsion.


  • Most families have the option of dropping off their students for classes.

  • Parents may leave the facility while their child is active in class or during lunch. 

  • Parents are also welcome to stay onsite in designated areas while their children are in class. Although parents are not permitted to stay in the classrooms during their child's class, this is a great opportunity for parents to stay onsite and socialize with other families. 

  • Fresh coffee is available for Parents/Adults who remain onsite.

  • If a student is onsite, but they are not in scheduled class, then their parent must be onsite to DIRECTLY supervise that student. Direct supervision means within direct sight and sound of their student. 

  • Parents may designate another adult to assume responsibility for that particular child, but staff in the office must be made aware of this agreement.

To read about all of our policies and information, click the General Information and Policies button below. 

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