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What is Dragonfly's Hybrid Program?

- A program based on a 4-day school week

- 2 days onsite with our teachers, 2 days working with you at home 

What are some benefits of Hybrid?

- Flexible schedules 

- A curriculum combination that has been developed over the last four years by teachers AND parents

- 4-day school week allows for a free day you can dedicate to extra-curricular activities, electives, and more!

Do you love having your child home with you, but have a hard time setting that Parent-Teacher boundary all the time? If you have a hard time teaching certain subjects, or even just juggling multiple grade levels, then Hybrid is for you! 


The Basics:

  • Tuesday and Thursday from 9-3 - If choosing onsite electives, then 9-3:45 - Onsite at Oxford United Methodist Church with instructor-led classes

  • Wednesday and Friday (or the following Monday if you prefer a M-Th schedule) - At home with parent-led activities

  • 6 Funded Classes:

    • 4 Core Classes - Math, Science, History, and Language Arts

    • 2 Elective Classes - You get to choose from our onsite elective classes or OVA's large selection of classes!

  • 36 Weeks of Prepared Lesson Plans 

  • Grades and Transcripts provided

  • 6 Volunteer Hours required by each family per semester. Opt-out is available for a $120 fee.

Our Curriculum:

- Blackbird and Company

- Saxon Math 

- Math U See

- History of US

- Story of the World

- Elemental Science - Classical

- Art Lab

- S.T.E.A.M Experiments

- HS Credit PE/Health

Not only does our program allow your child to have one-on-one access to a teacher should they have any questions or concerns, but it also allows you to be involved and aware of where your child is in the material. 

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